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Controller Won't Power On


The controller is the computer that runs PathPilot and controls your CNC machine. While the controller itself could be different (a tower, a brix, rev c, rev d, an operator console, etc.), they perform the same function in controlling your machine and providing you with a friendly user interface.

Replace the CMOS battery (stuck at Pathpilot splash screen)

Reason: The CMOS battery is dead.

Click here to see how to replace your CMOS battery!

Reseat the power cable

Reason: The PathPilot controller isn't plugged in to an outlet.

  • Unplug and re-plug the controller’s power cable from both the outlet and the controller.

Restore power to the controller

Reason: The circuit breaker tripped or a fuse is blown.

  • If the monitor and the controller both don't have power:

    • Examine the power cables for damage or exposed wires and replace if needed.

    • Reset the CB3 circuit breaker.


Location of CB3 in 1100MX Electrical Cabinet

Start the controller with only the monitor connected

Reason: There is a USB issue.

  1. Power down you machine and remove everything from your controller except power, machine communication, and the monitor.

  2. Power back up.

  3. Does the controller boot farther into PathPilot?

    1. If yes, attach one USB at a time until you find the problematic USB connection.

    2. If no, power down controller and restart (to get into bios, see below)

      1. To get into BIOS, restart computer and rapidly press Del (for brix, rev c, rev d etc.) or F2 or F10 (tower controllers), If your date and time are accurate, and you still are having issues, restore to factory settings. PP v2 restore from drive.pdf

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