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Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL)

Install the FRL

NOTE: We're continuously improving our products, so your machine may vary from the photos in our documents and videos. While the images may vary, the concepts still apply.

  1. Clean the FRL to make sure that it's free of dust.

  2. Remove and discard the plastic inserts from the FRL.

  3. Identify the dial provided, and then put two layers of thread seal tape on its threads.

  4. Attach the dial on the front of the FRL.

  5. Identify the two push-to-connect elbows and the two NPT reducers provided. Connect the push-to-connect elbows to the NPT reducers.

  6. Put two layers of thread seal tape on the threads of the NPT reducers.

  7. Attach the NPT reducers to the valve housings on either side of the FRL.

Figure 1: FRL assembled.

  1. Identify the two holes on the back of the column. This is the mounting location for the FRL.

Figure 2: FRL installed on the machine.

  1. Install the FRL bracket on the machine with your own hardware.

  2. Connect the air lines to the quick-connect bushings.

Set Up the FRL

  1. Open the fill port on the FRL with a hex wrench.

Figure 3: Fill port on an FRL.

  1. Fill the lubricator bowl with standard air tool oil with a small funnel. You must only use oil specifically designed for air tools.

  2. Turn the adjustment knob halfway toward the +.

  3. Flush all air bubbles from the system.

  4. Examine the sight window for air bubbles. When there are no air bubbles in the sight window, and a drop of lubricant is on the bottom of the stem, turn the adjustment knob one-quarter turn back.

Figure 4: Components to flush the air from the FRL.

  1. Close the fill port on the FRL with your hand.

NOTICE! Don't use a hex wrench to close the fill port. If you do, you could over-tighten it and break the plastic cap.

Looking for more information?

This is a section of the 1100M operator's manual. To view the whole manual, go to Tormach document UM10540.

If you have additional questions, we can help. Create a support ticket with Tormach Technical Support at for guidance on how to proceed.

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