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Rotary Table Milling Machine Maintenance


Having the capabilities of a rotary table milling machine can greatly improve your shops capabilities. The video digs into depth on what you need to do for maintenance to keep your rotary table up and running. Tormach machinist, Jeff Hamre, provides a rundown of the maintenance and upkeep necessary to keep your 4th axis rotary table operating properly.

He also goes into detail on the new backlash adjustment procedure introduced in 2015. First and foremost, for your rotary table milling machine, you want to oil the designated locations. To do this, simply remove the oil reservoir cap, and fill the unit with oil until a little bit comes out the front of the unit. Another step for your rotary table milling machines maintenance will be the backlash adjustment. To do this, make sure that your motor is free to rotate. Make sure that you have a wrench nearby and loosen the outer nut. Back the adjustment screws out a ways so the motor is engaging with the ring gear. Turn the screw back in until you feel slight resistance on the screw. Keep going until the screw comes to a stop. For slight adjustment give it ΒΌ of a turn.
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