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Machine Paint Color Codes


In the event you need to spruce up your machine with some fresh paint, Tormach provides paint codes, that can be taken to your local paint store to get matched. The paints used are alkyd resin/amino based. A semi gloss finish, generally will match the best.

Paint Codes

RAL 7035 is used for the not only machine casting paint, but enclosure paint on the M series and 440, as well as the 15L and 8L enclosures. The plasma also has small panels that utilize this color. The 24R gantry will also use this color.

RAL 7015 is used for the newer stands for the mills and 8L, as well as being used for the 24R, and 1300PL. This color is also used for the MX enclosures.

RAL 7046 is used primarily for the PCNC stands as well as the 15L stand.

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