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Before You Begin

Read the packing list to see if there are any items that have not yet been delivered. We recommend waiting until you've received all shipments to begin installing the machine. Depending on the product and options ordered, the system may arrive in one or more shipments of:

  • Accessories (if applicable)

  • Machine

NOTE: The machine system and large accessories are sent by freight carrier. Smaller accessories may be sent by parcel service.

Inspect the item(s):

  • Photograph any damage that may have occurred during shipping.

  • Note any damage on the delivery receipt before signing for the shipment.

  • Verify the received goods against the packing list.

If there is any damage or shortages, you must contact Tormach within 30 days of receipt. Create a support ticket with Tormach Technical Support at for guidance on how to proceed.

Installation Tools and Items

Before uncrating and installing your machine, collect the following tools and items.

  • 4 mm hex wrench (included in tool bag)

  • 1500-lb capacity engine hoist

  • Assistant to help you

  • Combination wrench set

  • Consumables, like:

    • Anti-seize

    • Air tool oil

    • Machine way oil

  • Digital multimeter

  • Hammer

  • Level (2 ft)

  • Lifting Bar Kit (PN 31446)

  • Pallet jack

  • Phillips screwdriver (included in tool bag)

  • Pry bar

  • Reciprocating saw (or similar) to break down the pallet

  • Safety eyewear that meets ANSI Z87+

  • Shears or knife

  • Socket set

  • Step ladder

  • Snips

  • Work gloves

Move the Pallet

Tools and Items Required

  • Pallet jack

Shipments arrive in crates loaded on pallets, which the freight carrier unloads onto the curb or loading dock.

WARNING! Transportation and Lift Hazard: Before moving the machine, you must confirm that all persons are clear of the area below the machine. Qualified professionals must transport, lift, and move the machine. Moving parts can entangle, pinch, or cut you, causing death or serious injury.

Verify that the ground surface is smooth and clean of debris, and then use a pallet jack to move the pallet(s) to the desired installation location.

NOTE: If the ground is not smooth, you may need to use a forklift (or similar lifting equipment rated for uneven surfaces) to move the pallet(s).

If a pallet is too wide to fit through a doorway, see Moving Dimensions (D40147).

Looking for more information?

This is a section of the 1100MX operator's manual. To view the whole manual, go to Tormach document UM10586.

If you have additional questions, we can help. Create a support ticket with Tormach Technical Support at for guidance on how to proceed.

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