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Device Homing Error


The index sensor is a hall effect type that is aligned at manufacturing. The problem can be a bad sensor, faulty wiring, or misalignment.

Check Wiring and USB Cable

Reason: Loose or broken wires

  1. Check that the three wires are firmly seated in the 3-pin Molex under the motor cover. Also, check pins at the 10-pin carousel cable connector end (PN 38670). Re-seat as required.

  2. Check your USB cable connection, as well as making sure the controller side of the USB is plugged directly into your controller.

Check Tool Tray

Reason: Tray or hub bolts came loose

  1. Power up the mill.

  2. With power to the ATC, you should not be able to rotate the tool tray by hand. If there is any detectable slop, make sure to tighten all six bolts that are accessible from the bottom of the tool tray.

3 bolts are accessible through clearance holes in the tool tray

Sensor Testing

Reason: Misaligned or bad sensor

  1. Power up the mill.

  2. REF the tray with control box open, and observe “IDX” indicator light for flashing. (This is a hardware light, not dependent on PathPilot.)

  3. Attempt to realign the sensor to bring the signal back. The marker dot on the Molex should face the hub of the ATC. Turn the Molex one to two full turns up, then one to two full turns down. At each turn, rotate and check for an LED flash.

Board Issue

Reason: Bad ATC board

  1. Check for 68 DCv on your board. (Wires 204-205)


V2.x ATC Board

  1. If the sensor appears to be functioning, you have voltage on your board, and you need to realign your ATC after an emergency stop, or powering down your machine, contact Tormach Technical Support.

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