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microARC Maintenance


The microARC 4 is designed to require little to no regular maintenance. The harmonic drive used in the 4th axis is a high-quality sealed unit that you don't need to open and grease. If you do open your unit for any reason, replace any lost grease with Sumiplex MP No. 2. Full grease capacity for the harmonic drive is approximately 16 grams.

After the First Use

  • Examine the electrical connectors that you installed with the driver kit. Make sure that all screw terminals are still snug and the green terminal connectors are seated firmly.

After Each Use

  • Wipe down the outer diameter of the chuck and clean any chips that may have accumulated below the chuck.

  • Examine the main output seal on the front of the unit behind the chuck adapter. Confirm that no chips are caught in the seal to avoid wear and premature failure.

Once a Month

  • Remove the 4th axis from the machine table and look for corrosion underneath. If necessary, stone the machine table surface until it's smooth and apply a layer of corrosion-inhibiting spray (like as Boeshield T-9).

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